925 Catrine Linder
Ocean Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver

Ocean Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver

725 SEK
Ocean Earring - solid 925 Sterling Silver and Niobium

With an imprint symoblizing the patterns of the sea urchin (after it's spikes have come off) the Ocean Collection is meant to honor the beauty of this  loved little animal. In Norwegian they are called "krĂ„kebolle".
The square measures about 10x10 mm
The oceans of the world - carrying life and all kinds of stories, as well as connecting us all. These are some of the thoughts I had in mind designing this collection that embodies the love of the oceans. 

Niobium is considered the most hypoallergenic metal - if you are allergic this is the best metal.
Same metal is used when buliding jetmotors - very clean, very strong. 
Remember to choose if you'd like "straight" or "tilted"!