925 Catrine Linder
Moose of Norway Coin Ring

Moose of Norway Coin Ring

595 SEK
Moose of Norway Ring - made from vintage copper coin from Norway. With one king on each side of the coin you can't go wrong! Adjustable size!

They actually started out as a joke - the coinrings.
A sweet old lady came with a box of them asking me if I could use them,- and as I was working on my Dotscollection at the time, these little Coins became similar - but with the animals on them, I thought they were quite sweet. Much better with moose, bird and squirrel than old gents or ladies on the money, don't you agree?
...but I have to admit that I really like to see Astrid Lindgren on our new Swedish bill, though.
My coinrings can be bought at KRAFT in Bergen as well!
I like the thought of reusing materials - and what could be better than money?
Enjoy your day!
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