925 Catrine Linder
Dots SnowQueen White Studs

Dots SnowQueen White Studs

1525 SEK
Dots SnowQueen White Studs - 925 Sterling and Enamel

The Dots Collection is a classic by 925 Catrine Linder! Enjoy this timeless and exclusive piece that lasts and lasts. Enamel color will never fade or change. Mix and match with different sizes and colors of studs, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Wear single statement pieces - the larger ones, or just smaller to add some flare to your basics. 
Enhance yourself and be concious of who you are!  Enamel is glass, so treat them with love and tenderness - just like a good friend. Dropping them on a hard surface might result in cracks. 

The Dots studs measure about 8 mm or 12 mm.  Please, remember to chose size as you order. If you forget I'll send you the 8 mm -  and if you'd like to change it's of course possible in exchange for shipping expences and on the same conditions as a return.
These  pieces of jewelry demands time, patience and skill  with the art of enameling. an exclusive form of achieving a most sustainable color . The fusion of colored glass powder with precious metals 925 Sterling Silver or 18 K Gold at temperatures of up to 895 degrees Celsius results in brilliant colors that will never change. These techniques have been used in fine jewelry for more than 2000 years.

Fancy a different color enamel than featured in the store? Please send a request to catrine@925catrinelinder.com.